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Greener Pods

Eco positive homes, sustainability, ecology, nutrition, and going zero waste.

How to go zero waste?

Let’s start with the basic facts, going zero waste is not easy. Especially if you live in any kind of urban or suburban environment where single-use plastic items are next to impossible not to consume. Think about it, every trip to the supermarket results in you...

Ditch The Dirt Book Review

A pretty unbiased Ditch the Dirt Book Review. A while ago I ordered the new book from titled Ditch The Dirt, written by Rob Laing, CEO of Farm.One which is also based here in New York. I'd heard about what they're doing a while back through some friends in the venture...

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Review – 6 Months

On December 4th 2017, or over 6 months ago, I ordered a Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 for reviewing it on this site, and to grow some fresh greens at home. When we first reviewed the product after 2 months and weren't very excited about it. After tinkering with it, I...

Why is Home Grown Food Important?

Why is home grown food important? Why is growing food at home something that - for us - should be embraced in every household? The answer is complex and involves a number of factors. Nutrition, eating better, fresher, and healthy, it's understanding to respect the...

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