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We’ve had the Click and Grow for about two months now. It’s given us two small lettuces, and we have been picking here and there at mustard greens, basil and parsley. Two months in I think we have a pretty decent understanding of the device and it’s pros and cons. Best put, the Click and Grow is disappointing if you’re looking to grow food at home.If you want a system to grow plants or have a fun activity with the kids, then the Click and Grow could be for you. Onto the Click and Grow Review however. 

Methodology: When reviewing this, or any other product, our first goals at GreenerPods is to see how well the device can help you grow your greens or food at home to make any measurable impact on nutrition and budget, followed by how seamlessly it blends into the home environment, and lastly how well it’s designed as a product.

Click and Grow Review : Our thoughts

On it’s homepage Click & Grow claims:

“No more tasteless store-bought herbs! Save money, time and invest in better health. Grow your own food with an indoor garden!”

Does it stack up to its claims? Yes and no. It grew herbs, and greens at home, we’ve even got three little tomatoes coming, the mustard greens were awesome, and basil we ate was pretty decent. The lettuce and kale however a bit bland. Fine considering you’re growing at home with imperfect conditions, but I wouldn’t say Click and Grow does what it claims.

Economics: Does the Click and save you money? No. You’re looking at about $3.33 a plant with Click and Grow – more or less comparable to what you’d be paying at Whole Foods for the same plant. Except that the Click and Grow  produces less quantity than what you’d get at Whole Foods for more or less the same price. The benefit here is that the Click and Grow is fresher as you’re cutting the plant and consuming it, so nutrition levels should be optimal, albeit less what you’d get for growing it outdoors.

click and grow prices vs whole foods

Time: I’m not sure how to handle the claim that it saves you time? What’s the claim against, growing the same green on a windowsill? Perhaps it does, the Click and Grow blasts the plants with about 16 hours of light a day, accelerating plant growth.

Better health: Absolutely. Plant nutrition is directly tied to freshness, so the longer the plant is laying there on the shelf the less nutritious it will be. Problem is, there’s just not enough plant with the Click & Grow.

So what about the product?

The build is made of plastic (we were unable to identify if it’s from recycled plastic or not) and the assembly is fairly straightforward. The light can be moved up or down by removing a piece of plastic on either side and a floating buoy indicates the amount of water the device is holding.

Click and Grow claims that it’s a “set-it-and-forget-it garden system that will grow herbs, flowers and salad greens with zero effort.” which is how we approached this, but after 2 weeks our plants started drying out and weekly water refills were needed.

Click and Grow Greener Product ReviewThe design aesthetic is pleasant, and as a unit the 9 plant Click and Grow live on a kitchen island or table if you have one. For urban or international environs where space is more of an issue it’s a bit big and bulky and a 3 plant device may be better suited for a hobbyist, because the yield from the plants isn’t really substantial.

Plants and growing: the Click and Grow comes with three varieties of plant capsules, and you can order additional ones on their site. Fine and good, except that plants will grow better or worse based on what’s planted next to them. Put mustard greens next to lettuce, and the lettuce will flourish at the expense of the mustard. Click and Grow provides no such information to the consumer. Space is also an issue, overcrowding started happening at about the 4 week point. Plants should also have air circulation, it helps them get CO2, and Oxygen, and a slight breeze will help them stand up stronger. Something we saw lacking in our plants which after a month begin presenting themselves – limp.

And then there’s the lights. Jarringly bright and on for 16 hours on a clock that you’re not able to set other than plugging it in at 6 am so it goes off at 10pm, which I wouldn’t call a problem if you can house the click and grow in its own room, but the lights are jarringly bright, and this is just one of a number of design flaws that become apparent as you spend time with the Click and Grow. The device is well intentioned, but isn’t very thoughtful. I think the best way to describe it is, clunky with a pretty exterior.

Lastly, there seem to be logistics or operational issues at Click and Grow, poor customer support, poor systems integration between sales and customer support, and the app they offer is utterly useless – but that’s a whole different story.

Recommendation: Buy if you have kids. Dont buy to grow food for yourseld. The Click and Grow will deliver on growing the plants, but the yield is next to none. When it arrived I can only say that I was very much looking forward to “Growing my own food” as Click and Grow website claims, which I reckon I did if you count half a salad split between two people after growing for two months, food. Finally, the Click and Grow lights are possibly its worst feature, and the operational issues make dealing with the company difficult, like in the case of not being able to log into my account for a weeks to pick the plants Im getting shipped early, and not a word from their help desk.

On the other hand if you have kids, this product is awesome, and will teach them about photosynthesis, how plans pollincate, grow, it will teach them hydroponics, and responsibility to keep plants alive. It’ll make a good since project, or even something for a classroom. For that – total buy.

Ranking is based on a five star (*****) scale.

Nutritional Impact: ** Low, doesn’t produce enough.
Impact on wallet: * Negative, more expensive than store bought.
Aesthetics: *** It’s a good looking hunk of plastic, but the lights are blinding.
Product design: ** Some positive elements, but clunky in areas.

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